Welcome To Glitz And Glamour CQ we are based in

Gracemere, Central Queensland. We are a small

handmade homemade business  and  we make personalised

products, we ship Australia wide such as but not limited to

  • Tumblers such as 260ml, 360ml, 500ml, 600ml, 880ml, 1.10L and more.
  • Children products such as, Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups, Water Bottles, Tumblers and more.
  • Coffee products such as Mugs, Cups and more.
  • Water Bottles, different sizes and shapes, smallest 360ml and largest 1892ml.
  • Glassware such as, Lolly Jar, Vases, Wine Glasses, Shot Glasses and more.
  • Gift sets such as wine gift sets, flask gift sets and more to be added.
  • Homewares such as Cutlery Sets, Utensil Sets, Spice Shakers, Salt and Pepper shakers and more.
  • Pet Items such as cat and dog bowls, water bottles with bowl attachments for pets and more items to come..
  • Other items such as Can Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Tea Cups, and more.
  • New Products, items that have just been released.
  • Different packs, such as baby’s juice and daddy’s juice as pictured below.

We offer Afterpay, Paypal, Mastercard and Visa Card on all our
products with no minimum limit of spending.

 Step 1, choose the product you like
 Step 2, choose the colours you like ( this is the hardest choice, we suggest you looking at our Facebook lives and getting to know what we use, we offer Full Glitter, Full Ink, Ink and Glitter, Full Mica, Mica and Glitter.
Step 3, Choose if you’d like a decal on it, either your name, a saying, a picture, a business logo, anything you wish your able to have on it, if you are wanting a logo or picture, don’t forget you can choose the font of the decals too.


Step 4, your ready to place your order now, if you have chosen a business logo or a photo or you’d like a saying on it and you have a picture please email it or send us a facebook message.

Any extra questions please jump to our Facebook page and send us a message, if you don’t have Facebook our email is info@glitzandglamourcq.com