Examples of products

This 880ml Tumbler pencil style is made will full glitter
This 880ml Tumbler is made with full inks
This Utensil Holder is made with Mica and glitter sprinkled over it.
This 880ml Shipwreck Tumbler is made with top half alcohol inks turned into a semi woodgrain with inks down below on the bottom part to give the wave/ sea look.
This 600ml Tumbler we call ” Stary Night” the reason being is its done on a black base with a white glitter violet pigment on the base and then we put the colours on it and we put stars if wanted or other glitter too.
This 500ml Can look alike Tumbler is done with pink, black and silver mica with glitter #218
This 600ml Tumbler is done with the smoke effect with a wolf on it

These food canisters are completed with inks and glitter


You can find updated photos of products we make on our website under
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